GONG V2 mast plate stl or step file

Has anyone created a 3D file for the complete mastplate?

I found a post from @Larsb for the mast (thanks)

I would like to see if I can blend the Flite adapter plate that @vincent posted for @Kian and this file if available into a step file that I could provide to a fabricator that would allow the adaptor plate and the mastplate for the Gong Alovator V2 mast to be milled from one piece.


There’s one floating around here, try a search

I starting searching and found your link to mast profile in several places. Lots of posts about mast clamps and I also found a thread about hole measurements but it didn’t have a 3D file at all, so after 45 minutes of no-joy of finding mastplate file I created this thread.
Sorry if I duplicated but I gave it an honest try.

give me your email, I can send you the file.

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Sent you a pm

Thank you

Not complete, plate only in STEP format (X-ref purpose) by @JvdZ



Thank you for finding this….you are obviously a better forum sleuth than I am :blush:

Thanks for everyone’s support on this but upon reflection I’ve decided to keep the Flite adapter plate and Gong mast base as separate components.

My logic for the decision is in no particular order:

  1. I’ve already paid for the Gong base part as it is included in the product I purchased.

  2. It simplifies the CNC work/cost required to produce the part compared to just the adapter plate. I have to job this out as so don’t have the skill or tools to do it myself.

  3. It is a tried and proven approach for this build.

Addition to point 2. It will be very expensive to get it made!

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