Gong XL-T as beginner foil?

Hi Guys,

I’m around 10 sessions in with Gong Rise XXL (v1) Zuma 140L, and 6m doutone wing.

I’m looking for a better performing foil to the Rise, so I pulled the trigger on the XL-T and now having second thoughts… I still have time to cancel so looking for some advice.

I would still class my self as a beginner, and therefore looking for a big easy take off foil, gong states that there T’s are for experienced, however to me something like the XL-T looks like it would help with getting on the foil and be help with gliding whilst connecting jibes with 102cm wingspan, 2100cm

I like the look of the Slingshot infinity 99 , F-one gravity 2200 ect. ect however cant quite justify the price tag. Hence trying to go down the gong route.

Any advice appreciated, Cheers.