Good foil from Aliexpress or elsewhere

Hi There,

Could someone provide me with a Foil recommendation Looking to do an Efoil build V2.

Want to still use flipsky 120KV motor. Currently have a big aliexpress mast and wing that seems to work pretty good. But I think it is limited in speed. Looking for a bit of a faster wing for V2.

Located in Canada.



I did some reading on Gong foils. Seems like a good choice as an upgrade to my Chinese foil.

There are too many options tho. Wing, Surf, Kite,None of which expressively state which is best for efoils.

Can someone provide a link to a gong foil from the gong website that they are using?


You could write René

I bought to him one foil with wing and I am very happy

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Sorry who is that? Thanks!

I was hoping to buy something off the shelf that others have used and know works well.


He can make better prices that you can see in their website

I ended up getting a Gong foil … Ordered it on Monday and got it today in Canada. Impressive!

Picked up a Gong Curve V2 L size.


Hey, I’m looking at Gong foils and am also from Canada, would you mind telling me what % of duties ended up being added to your shipment and if you had to pay provincial taxes?


I ended up paying an additional $110 via DHL on the $800 order of my foil… all costs in CND.

Got the Wing Curve V2. L

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