Good SUP Foil Boards?

Would need some help with my choose of board…(if i buy a new one)
Dosent know much at all about boards but would those two be okay for E-foiling? (Good size, durable enough for e-foiling)

Would also like to be able to use it as a regular SUP-board without the foil in no wave condition.
My weight is 72kg but i think my foil setup will be a bit heavier than most the others on this site.
And no real previous surfing/foiling experience so need to be stable.

and i will use a big front wing from RL-boards

8.5x30x4.5/8 140l
7.8x28.1/2x4.3/16 115l

7’10’’x30’’x4’’ 1/2 : 138L

They look ok to me, at least close to what others here have.

That sound good😁
want takuma cause they look nice and have a dealer in Poland in a city i visit quite often.