Gothenburg build

I decided to make a modified pasificmeistermodel before continuing with the outrunner prodject.
SSS56104/Neugart, at the moment w/ 160mm yamaha prop added some footsaver behind prop.
Use the circut breaker as battery cut off. In paralell with a springloaded antispark switch.
There is a closed cooling system with 900ml water and a car window spray pump on the 300A esc.
The pot on the remote is mounted on a small modified aircylinder in a petg container.
The motor pod and the watertight connectors was printed on a Prusa MK3 with Taulman bridge Nylon.
Battery is 13*10 Sanyo 3500mah cells.


Very nice build Jan! What’s being used as the heat exchanger for the closed cooling loop?

that sounds really nice, can you tell more about them?

Just the water volume in the container, future will show if that is enough.

They are made with 6,5mm Castle Creations bullet plug.
A male M14 bolt then a female part with an oring in front of a flange for the nut.

Do you have pictures or models?


“This project is not public yet. You are not authorized to view it.”

Shared to facebook users, I think?

Hmm, okay
Can you tell me what I have to do to see it?

Try again, I made it public.

I am so sorry, to spam in your build threat. But I can’t view it yet…

The former was fusion gallery
Try this maybe better


I tried the big prop today.
Foiling really easy,
It felt like a lot less than half throttle.
Foiling at 2400 Watts at 3000rpm according to Eagel Tree logger…
Next try will be with a smaller prop and no footsaver.
Would be nice with 1800Watts
Both waterproof switches, one for antispark and the other one for safety line, took in water and continued to conduct current when thy should not. Maybe I did tight the cap over the rubber to hard.

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130*130mm prop used the about the same power for foiling around 2400 watts.
It was esyer to control the throttle but as the battery depleated to 46V it would not lift off anymore.
so with this prop i could only use 24 if the 35Ah.

Looks great! What are you using for the board itself?

Hello, That is a kitesurfingboard made 50mm thicker. I think it was called ASP or something similar.