Group buy for sifly Rider Eco efoil for approx 4599€

I am currently organizing a group buy for sifly efoil: Rider Eco for Sweden. The Price goal to achieve is 4599€net with shipping . With this price it makes less sense to me, to build another DIY, as it is almost parts price (if you compare, certified big battery, high quality mast, Alloy frame , epp Boards a.s.o.
check details at [sifly_efoil] (
Anyone interested in getting one as well? Would need at least 10 to negotiate this price…
If so please send p.m…

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Hi Yargaroo,

Interesting initiative, I already have a Sifly R set but would be interested in the smaller S board, If your initiative is open to other boards or Sifly products, I would be interested on any potential discounts.

FYI, I got my set with a 20% discount for black friday…im sure if you have enough people, you can get the price cheaper than 4599.

no already asked, the Rider Eco is cheapest model and alrmost sold out. so best price I can get, even taking 10 is 4599€ plus tax…