Group Buy: Maytech 65162 Motor + Propeller + Guard!

Hello Everyone !

Recently I negotiated with Maytech on the 65162 motor with its propeller as on their website, if we group buy to 20pcs, would only cost 375.5usd, and can get a free prop guard (cost 80usd on their web)
Timeline: March,7 to March 20.

So is anyone interested?
Just PM me.

65162 motor with propeller:

Prop guard:

3D printed prop guard. It will break quickly

our propeller guard is PET-CF materail

Get a better prop than that. The boat props are unbalanced, slow and will eventually destroy the bearings and make the motor leak early.

Buy just a motor from the cheapest retailer, then buy a properly designed prop and propguard.


We have upgraded the prop guard with better material and better fit the motor, we have customers use the upgraded prop guard and no issues.

Still leaves the same problem. Your prop guard is suited to the prop that we can’t use without modification in our purpose.
So most people either cut the prop to a more suitable diameter or get another prop. So your prop guard is useless…

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i see, what prop size is best for the 65162 100KV motor, could you advise? so I can feed back to engineer team and check how to update prop and prop guard properly to meet most customers’ requests better. @tosh.jah

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These are the two mainly used propellers for your motor besides other 3d printed ones.

The golden one is ±145mm in diameter and about 6 inch pitch.

The black one is ±142mm in diameter and pitch is slightly higher.

All this information can be easily found in the forum using the search function.

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thanks for the information!

I saw there’re many different size propellers. we can also supply 3D-Printed propellers according to customer’s drawing if you don’t like our standard propellers.

How about you sell just motor with reduced price?


This price is motor price, propeller and propeller guard are all send for free.

That doesn’t really answer the question. They do cost something, and the price is baked into the total price of the motor kit. Please just sell the motor individually with a lower price. Most people source the propeller from other vendors or 3D print it with their own equipment. The propellers and guards you are sending are mostly just a waste of resources.


My point exactly.

Nothing is really free :grin:

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It’s really interesting…

If Maytech just read these pages in any detail, they would know exactly what package people want. The fact that they offer up the same old motor with a propellor that was designed for a petrol engine that spins at 1/3 of the speed shows they have no real interest in providing a product that is fit for purpose. That they then offer a crappy 3D printed prop guard for their crappy propellor further demonstrates they have zero idea of the market.

Maytech, just imagine for a second how many motors you would sell if you produced a propellor that was perfectly matched to your motor and to the application.

Of course, the biggest problem with anything that comes from Maytech is that there is zero warranty.