Group Purchase For Flipsky 120/100KV

Hi All,

I contacted flipsky and they willing to give lower price for the 65161120/100kv motor… around 270$ on MOQ of 10 units, At the moment the price for single motor is between 350-400$ per unit.

So i’m trying to arrange buying group, and i hope they will accept separate payments (waiting for a reply from them) let me know if you want to join we are already 4 buyers !


You can get it for $291 off banggood if you use the correct coupon codes…

Also shipment and customs are Higher at Flipsky Option. Never had customs/tax with BG order

Cant find it on banggood, can you please share a link ?

I just found it it didnt appear in the search results
how do we get the copons ?

I’ll compare the total prices.

I just always google the coupons and then try each one of them. BGAFF10OFF gives you an extra 10% off.

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If they agree to accept payments separately, and the shipment will also be separate? But then it doesn’t change anything for them!

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Not correct, they will get big order that got split to small ones the overall quantity will stay the same (we will mark our orders). In the other hand those buyers might order something else from different vendor or not at all
Anyway they can loose the customer.

I’m still negotiating i will update once i’ll get a clear answer from them.

Good! If it works, I’ll order two, maybe even three.

Hi Anatoly,

They agreed for individual orders the payment will be directly on AliExpress platform, at the moment the price will be for individual unit 280$(still negotiating).

Let me check with them if there a shipping cost to your country, where do you want to ship it ?
(Maybe banggood will be a better choice for you)

to Moscow!There is a lot of free delivery, but there is also a paid one.

Looked at banggood, price 320$ free shipping.

Add in a coupon code and you can get another $30 off…



Banggood seems to be a better option, but they dont deliver to my country and group purchase is the best way to get this motor in “reasonable price”.

Anyone that still facing the same issue as i am is more then welcome to join the purchasing group by massaging me the number of the units he would like to order.


Yes, they gave me a $ 32 discount on my first purchase. That’s $ 290.In my case, it’s easier and calmer!

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It’s sad to hear that Banggood didn’t ship to your country, where you from?
But if you have 10-20% coupons on Banggood then official Flipsky useless.
This is screenshot of my purchase, but Banggood don’t provide 15-20% coupons anymore (right now). I have two of such coupons but it’s not possible to get this coupons now.
I hope it will work again like I made description earlier - New 200A Vesc based Flipsky ESC - #165 by Vitalii

Flipsky,JamieJiang where you are? Why you didn’t provide nice prices like 270$ for people who using and promoting your products?
I think such big company as FlipSky do not go broke if sell here for NewYear at least 10 ESC for 160$ and motors for price 270$.
By the way, I’m using Banggood because they tried to make price cheaper for customs and you possibly will not pay any VAT or custom fees. From this point of you all the sellers with their “promotions” also in second place.

As for me personally I already ordered for next builds motors (6384 for 50$) and ESCs (50-100$ for 6-12s) from other companies because they cheaper a lot, and me and my friends couldn’t pay 330+200$ for each Motor+ESC set.