Guzzi's Tow Boogie Build

Yet another tow boogie build.


Flipsky Combo # FSESC75200 75V and 65161 Motor
VX1 remote
4x 6s 5000mAh LiPo

Here some build pix:


Very nice , I would secure the belt to the box to avoid sliding if the board jump or fall hard

I am getting the parts together to do my own build. I am very new to this type of endeavor and was wondering if you would mind sharing the prop/mast/motor mount 3d files. I am looking to get a printer to make these parts for my build.


What was your method of anchoring the hooks for the straps?

Hi, I will share my designs when I tested the tow boogie. I’m still tinkering with the impeller setup. Be aware I do have a pretty large 3d printer so my files are not really usable if you own a small printer.

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I just epoxied some left over straps into the board foam. Works pretty reliable.

Nice looking 3d print designs. How is testing going? I’m interested in your prop and guard, and how much run time you’re getting.

Any testing results, how does the 3d printed mast plate handle the stress/weight of the motor?

Really cool build. i was wondering about you choice of remote the flipsky VX1 instead of the water proof VX3, are you planing to take apart the VX1 and make it water proof??

yes I waterproofed it already

well i did test it, unfortunately the torque is to great and it flips over before i get real speed. So I’m currently designing a ducted prop with stator. Will keep you posted.

@Guzzi how did your build go?

any updates on this and the 3-d printed files? looks pretty great to me. we have a similar setup, the thing that saved us from flipping was to us a much larger board and place the prop in the center.