Gyro balanced efoil

Here we go. Discussed few days ago. Some said possible few said impossible.

Available 25.12.

Keen to see more info.

This is claiming a gyro based balance system. Very different to what was discussed the other day.
Their claims are pretty insane… 1hr ride time, 18kg and gyro stabiliser… I’m very sceptical. Along with the fact that their video’s show a completely different board…

Yeah another french product…fabulous design for the propeler and the foil …imho the price is hard…

Let me present their actual real world foil…It’s called “chop your foot off and any other marine life that may get in your way”

They have been hitting Facebook groups pretty hard and made some pretty outrageous claims. Basically most of their pictures were removed by them because they got so much abuse because of their claims…
For their first “Gyro” version they were going to use ailerons on the main wing. This has now changed to the strange double wing you see in the rendered image without any ailerons on either wing. So I’m not sure how they are going to have it self balancing…

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The Gyro appears to be in the remote control so that the remote ultimately becomes your tiller:
She works for Supernova and does all the Facebook posts…

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All rigth about the chopper of ham…no good for business😆

I have Isabelle a many different quastions, but no goods Answer.
“40% more power, why?”

Best regards Frank

Looks promising, however I think 18kg and below 6000€ is unrealistic…
Gyro control sounds great, but the idea is not new… postted this last year already. They use the gyro control of the skatebaord remote of jaykay-sports


It is called a box wing or closed wing. Protects the propeller from the ground and offers some protection to the rider against cuts. The history:

2014 kitefoil project: you can google or YT “Bruce creation boxed wing”.
His conclusions were:

  • high lift, like the Horue Bi-plane we discovered on this forum
  • increased stability, increased glide in the 5-10% range but not 40% (Supernova data)
    The board is apparently pitch controlled by motor rpm (must be confirmed).
    First efoil to offer foot hooks by the way. Very interesting splittable torque propeller.

What the designer says about board lack of volume::
‘The board has little to no floatability but with the GBS all the floatability concerns are solved.
When it comes out of the water, the board is self- balanced.’


Supernova opening on Christmas day on purpose had to set a strong communication campaign up. No official website announced yet. However their facebook page is a news galore that sends LIFT and FLITEBOARD to the a previous century product:

  • transparent, pitch controlled no volume board,
  • light weight (18kg) and price (6000€) for one hour riding sessions with flash recharge,
  • 3 year warranty on their product,
  • a ground braking new type of battery: LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxyde) water-cooled battery: 60% lighter than the other batteries on the market, 3 times faster for charging 6,5kg for 1hour autonomy, 1 hour to full charge.
    Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries - Info for DiYers - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -
  • a race efoil model: 11KW, 60kmph (no box wing)
  • a nice mobile application to supervise ESC parameters… you can use your phone as a Bluetooth remote control :star_struck:
  • to be continued …

Amazing specs, 6000€, a European design and service, the most cost-effective brand on the market… Do we have reasons to be sceptical ?

Yes, to every single claim they are making!

  • No volume board: This will make a great submarine!
  • Pitch control: Altering the speed of the motor is hardly pitch control.
  • 3 year warranty: They’ll probably be bankrupt by then.
  • LTO battery: We can buy this tech now already, but considering its $23 for a 12V 1300AH (±200g weight) battery, the entire battery will come to a weight of 24kg and a cost of $2700 alone.
  • Race efoil: So there test foil barely gets over 30kph, but now they can launch a 3D rendered hideous design at 60kph. HAHAHA

These guys are such a JOKE!!!

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I love innovation…
And I hope, by supernova is a little bit truth to it.
But so far, Facebook has never been a good answer to my technical questions.

Best regards frank

Here’s Toshiba’s version of the battery: SCiB™ Modules | SCiB™ Rechargeable battery | Toshiba
27V 40Ah at 14KG. Can’t wait to see how Supernova is running their E-foil :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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“3 year warranty: They’ll probably be bankrupt by then.”
You are a killer😆 i agree but the dream can fly …

The 18kg probably measured in water.
The gyro board offers 2 modes, submarine/anchor or bird :smile:
But once you are in the air buoyancy doesn’t matter, right? :joy:

Wow hahaha that was to the point :joy::joy: put it this way and it doesn’t look so appealing now :joy:

A board doesn’t need volume to be a great foil board, a good example is probably surfboards which aren’t submarines looking how successful they are. The trend is towards less volume.

That’s 35knots. @Flying_Rodeo 's speed record is 58kmph. on a Comet from Moses so the same speed. Esurfs do it every day with footstraps. If they really use a 11KW motor, with foothooks, nothing impossible. Of course, it won’t be comfortable and the battery might not last one hour.

In fact, we don’t know anything yet. Let’s give SuperNova a chance especially if they have something that looks like an assistance.

Let’s give them time to precise the scope of this warranty.

With batteries, things can evolve so quickly and 25 days to Xmas is less than what you have wait to receive your Maytech motor, isn’t it :wink:?


They have bunch of revolutionary ideas which any of them could disrupt Other already existing markets with much much bigger market caps! Thats make mr feel it either going to be super expensive or never see the light and became just another huge campaign to raise millions, fail and damage trust of VC’s and investors to thus sort of products! I am just hoping to be wrong and see this is going to disrupt like Gravity jet flying suite did.
By the way anybody know french do tell us what does their complicated app do?

This whole post tells me just how little experience you have in the water-sports arena.

  • A surfboard has volume. It might not be a huge amount, but it has enough to allow a surfer to paddle easily and catch waves. Initially you said no volume, so now all of a sudden to defend your claim you’ve gone to “lower” volume. The trend is not to lower volume. It’s to ride as small a board as possible so as to be as manoeuvrable as possible. You can still achieve this with a considerable amount of volume.

-FR’s 58kph was done with the best performing proven products on the market after they had been very well tested. Supernova haven’t even foiled above 40kph yet. So they are just making fake claims with no evidence based testing.

Actually we do. Supernova has said on Facebook that their pitch control is done by controlling motor speed.

  • Battery tech does not move that fast. LTO has been around for a few years already. Another perfect example are Lipo’s. They have been around for ages and are still the preferred method for RC. If the tech moved fast, then they would have been replaced a long time ago…

This is not about giving a company a chance. It’s about having accurate information for the DIY community and public so that if they embark on the journey of building an efoil they do not waste money.

At this stage their app can get information from their battery. The other functions do not work yet. If they are using a VESC then they should also be able to get data from it. Ultimately they are making a huge amount of claims and whenever Isabelle is challenged on them her response is that she doesn’t understand the tech and the engineers should explain. But that explanation never arrives…
From their video’s that they posted a few weeks back, they have a standard DIY looking efoil…

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