HA foils questions and experiences

Did you really have to drill it out? Is it the carbon fiber mast? Good to know if that’s the case.

I’m just in the process of routing cables in a RL boards mast, material is about twice as thick as the Gong ( which can fit 7/8 AWG) and therefore i cannot fit more than 10AWG in it.

What’s your weight again? A size small Gong HA wing seems small to me…

I do it……

So, the motor cables from my FR motor fits inside.

Its the 100cm Carbon. Was supposed to be 17mm wide in bottom, but was 13mm only. Probably did like Robert and used M6 threaded rods where i cut drill grooves.
Will try the new mast later today.

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I can see how much fun that was… Good effort!

Tried the carbon gong 100cm now in a lake with 10cm waves. Rode higher than usual but quite unstable in turning. The torsional stiffness i really miles away from alu masts.
Hopefully the 85cm is a bit stiffer.
Still rode higher than ever before, so ir was a new experience. Used veloce M and surf 40 stab, which is a very carvy setup

My new Gong V2 mast ist the 85cm Version

Can’t understand why carbon masts would be flexier than alu but read several people reporting this. Either too low carbon content or too small profile. Which is it? Are they too optimised in some way?

Well in order to keep weight same as alu most fiber direction is used for lateral stability. 45* plys increase torsional stiffness. Carbon is more lively, and some prefer that especially in kiting. But i found it strange that there was delay in all turning.
We also have to remember that the gong mast is a budget mast with really small cross section in the bottom. Apparenly Axis has a new mast now that is close to Alu

Yeah, this is true, i guess the Gongs are made for skinny french guys. No big profile needed so to say😉 also somewhere the low price will show.

I am really looking forward to the first run with the RL foil and mast. Especially the fuse/mast/plate designs looks like a step up from the gong.

Well this is a sandwich construction. if you drill out the whole foam core, it is not sandwich any more, and will get less stiff in all directions.

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