Handles for efoil

Does anyone here know what handle are Lift using?

Manufacturer name?
Is it custom made?
Does anyone here use similar handles?
If yes can you give me a link to it?

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What handles are you using?

From @tkstudio


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Search for kayak handles and you can probably find some similar. I also just started to look around for some handles.

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For the experienced riders; when do you use handles on your board? for carry’ing around your board or pulling yourself up the board when in the water?
Currently I have my build ready (without handles) waiting for some warmer weather.

I use 3dprinter from the idea of ​​radinn jetsurf.

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The problem with a 30kg/60lbs board is the walking distance between your car and the water. If you practice on a lake in front of a car park, you don’t mind but if you need to walk a long distance (tide for ex), you need either a trolley or handles+good arms and legs. :frowning_face:

I use both handles and kayak trolley to bring my stuff to water and go back to car from water.
But I have a 40kgs setup…

Nice looking handles @tkstudio! Can you share the cad files? How much infill did you use?

After work, I will share files for me to use 50% infill pegt. It’s strong and tough.

I forgot to ask: How do you fasten on to the board?
Sheet metal screws?

@tkstudio can you share the cad files?

Nice handles by the way

https://grabcad.com/library/pull-handle-efoil-surf-1 I use Rivets 5mm

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@tkstudio do you have cad drawings of the board?
Can you share them?

I used these.

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About installation…Is handle need a base plate as a reinforcement? Or can I use rivets where the base is just the efoil skin? the skin is epoxy resin + carbon fiber 200gr+fiber glass 160gr+epoxy topcoat.

One hand on the mast, one hand one the handle, you have some 15kg of pull per handle so 8 per handle side. You need to spread the strain in the top skin so a base plate is highly recommended. You can use 3D printed inserts. See also foot-straps inserts.

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Like this?