Has anyone designed a waterproof case for Maytech remotes?

The Maytech remotes work well, but they aren’t waterproof and rely on silicone coatings and epoxy over the circuit boards. They don’t seem to survive well in salt water in their standard state, or even with additional corrosion x and conformal coatings.

It would be great if we could take the electronics and make them properly waterproof.

Has anyone tried designing a 3d printed case and trigger that could replace the standard MTSKR2005WF housing, with a proper seal and some allen bolts to keep it watertight?

You can try our waterproof remote control

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while, I just haven’t completed it yet. I’ve drawn parts but need to cnc and test them out…

I’d be interested to see it, if you get it finished.

I wonder what’s the simplest way to create/buy a reliable gasket/o-ring seal that would work for this purpose? If the top was a circular piece of polycarbonate that covered the screen, then a large regular o-ring might do the job. A properly waterproof button is another thing to sort.

I’ve thought it would be great to make a remote housing that could be strapped onto the tow handle of my tow boogie.

Another waterproofing project will be making a motor hub that adds an extra seal to prop shaft of the 65161, to make it last longer.

I had this in my thoughts over past winter but just didn’t get myself to do anything over this. I would also like to change the screen to a bigger one. Maybe on next winter…

Rewinch sells a remote that attaches to a ski handle for their wake winch. It would work fine on this application too