Has anyone tried the Reacher D70L165 motor? Can't decide between the standart 65161 or this 70165 motor

I have already build an jetsurboard and i have an 16s 42000mah battery i want to re-use for an efoil.
I also have an 75200vesc and two 24s 500a flier esc’s left from other projects.

I could not find any reviews on this motor but it seems to be the best option for my existing equipment?
Would the 120v version with the 16s battery be an good choice?

This JD-Power motor seems to be grat quality but might be underpowered?

Just by the available specs i’d say that the 70165 is probably a good motor, 12slot 10pole motor design is superior to a 18slot 6pole 6516x.

It will have 70^2/65^2 higher drag, caused by the larger diameter. +16%

Try to get the phase resistance for 100kV or 120kV, if it’s substantially less than the 69mohm(100kV) and 53mohm(120kV) that the 6516x motor has then it’s an interesting motor option.

The other motor is too weak, 3Nm torque won’t work.

Got the 70165 from hobiba, I get 8000W max output. Same quality as the 65161 motor.With the fsesc 75350 from flipsky

Really? That’s a lot, which battery current and voltage was it?

50v 160A battery current is 8000w in
To get 8000w out you’d probably need the double in due to the low efficiency at max power.

Yes, I got 14s liion running, around 50v and 160a, 7950W. Cutted the fliteboard propeller to 125mm.maybe also original Size will work, because I changed some settings after cutting. Now really smoothly running. Only thing I do not understand, that motor label shows 120kv, but the erpm devided by polepairs says its a 100kv with 14s.