Has anyone used an alternate remote (Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2) with an official Foil Drive?

Hi Guys,

I’m a user of an official Foil Drive Assist Plus. Unfortunately on a recent session in the surf my remote has ended up on the bottom of the ocean.

The Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 looks to be the exact remote sans logo but my question before I purchase one of these is has anyone ever paired one up with an official Foil Drive Assist Plus and did it function correctly?

I understand there would be custom firmware on the remote but don’t know if it extends beyond having the FD logo on the screen.

Thanks in advance

Are you referring to the MTSKR1905WF? That’s the one that is water-resistant…

How much does the foil-drive remote cost?

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Thanks for the reply, honestly any remote that is compatible with the foil drive system would do!

Foil drive charged $363AUD for a replacement remote and I’m not getting anywhere in regards to warranty on mine at this stage (the plastic loop must have snapped and it’s at the bottom of the ocean despite my kaohi leash being perfectly in tact)

They sell it x2 the Maytech retail…

This loop snapped?? It is so large…

I can only presume it snapped as I still had the leash the clip and the rope all still attached the my wrist just no remote which instantly sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

Yes I know FD markup is pretty crazy especially for an existing customer which is why I’m trying to find out if a maytech will work so I can purchase one of them instead but I also don’t want to buy the maytech and find it doesn’t work with the rest of the system


Welcome to the club! I’ve lost a flipsky at the bottom of the ocean. The tiny cord broke.

I think it’s highly likely that the standard maytech will work fine. The FD+ uses a vesc speed controller. All the ramps and max current etc are handled by the vesc.

The only reason it wouldn’t work is if they purposefully changed the pairing codes/ method which would be shitty.

If you had to you could swap out the receiver as well.

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Amazing that’s the answer I wanted! I wouldn’t put it beyond FD doing something shitty like that but the fact is I need to get back up and running and I’m getting nowhere with support so I think the waterproof maytech MTSKR1905WF could be the goer

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hi there were you able to swap out the receiver and have it working?

Hi DRC13,

Please when you do the experiment, let us know if it works.

Foildrive remotes definitely have a specific software with the FoilDrive Logo, so there is a risk it’s not compatible.

It will work fine. The receiver is the same so as long as the remote can pair it should be good.
The only downside might be a difference in tx strength, but FD still has to work within legal limits so I’d bet it’s the same as the maytech v2 strength.

just got the Maytech remote MTSKR1905WF , so far works with the FD assist + as far as the trigger is concerned , have not yet set up the Cruze control… working on that now


While the Maytech may be a replacement, there is no guarantee it will work and no warranty if it doesn’t.

Just an update on this…

  • The Maytech remote will be able to pair and work with the Foil Drive Products.


Foil Drive does run a custom firmware on the remotes that Maytech make for them. This means a standard Maytech will not have the identical functionality and will be inferior…

Ok but why should it be inferior if you change both the remote and the receiver ?

They do have some really nice functionality and the way they display the voltage is much nicer than the std maytech. They have a video of the remote functions on the YouTube.