Having multiple remote issues with Seaking 130A HV

Of all the things that could give me problems… it’s been remotes!

So I have the Seaking 130A HV. It doesn’t come with a BEC and I don’t get any voltage from the black/red/white wires from the ESC. So I have a BEC that provides 5v power.

I have tried 3 different remotes! All 3 worked at some point. Now only 1 works, and it works without respecting the neutral position of the thumb position. Yes, all three our thumb driven as I esk8 and that feels best for me.

Remote 1 - Flipsky Nano
This is my preferred remote until the waterproof one comes in from ebay. This one was working with the 5v power being plugged in to the top left (black, red).

The ESC wire was put on CH1 (black, red, white) and everything was working fine. At neutral, motor didn’t spin. When I pushed forward on the throttle, the motor revved up. When I pushed backward, nothing happened. Yay. This was working for days and all of a sudden stopped. LED light no longer comes on at any point.

Remote 2 - Enertion Nano-X
This was working similar to the remote above. I set it up the same way, but at some point it stopped working too.

Remote 3 - diyEboard Remote
This remote still works, but I have to hold the throttle back in the brake position for no motor spin. In neutral, it spins fast. Obviously with the throttle pushed forward the motor is full blast. So I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can calibrate the ESC to make this one work. However, I’ve followed the instructions (just like I did successfully on the other two) and it’s not working.

I ordered 2 of these waterproof remotes but damn, what am I doing wrong? This shouldn’t be that complicated. I know on my esk8 devices, I just need one cable from the ESC (black, red, white) and it usually auto pairs and I go. Help!

Hey Tyler, it could be a loose connection in or out of the ubec causing intermittent issues. Once confirmed that you have continuous 5v to the reciever, I would then rebind the remote to the receiver. Keep in mind that the bind plug needs to be removed whilst power is on. Also each remote may only work with its same brand reciever.

This video may be helpful too.

Did you ever get the remote problem figured out? I am going through the same issues and am getting frustrated with the not knowing

I started using a Maytech remote and it just worked compared to the receiver parts that had different channels and varying voltage levels.

Wish I would have bought that remote when there was a promotional price.