Having trouble providing the motor

Hello guys,

I am from Turkey and I have been looking up to the kind of motors we have all been looking for.

The reason I am struggling is only becauase I don’t want to import the motor because it takes so long.
Is it really hard to be found locally or am I having so much trouble out of nowhere? The kind I am looking for is about 10-12 kW. When I asked a couple of local companies, they said they wouldn’t be interested in making one.

I have been having a couple of thoughts about making a custom motor, which is almost at the same specifics, because of the time.


Check Alien Power Systems. They have a lot of motors in the UK.

The reality is there are a lot of parts to make this build and your going to have to import most of them its just part of building and needing certain parts. To think if I bought all parts in here in Canada I bet my efoil would cost $10,000+ in parts if everything fit and worked first go around, USA is cheaper, and Asia you cant beat the pricing.