Heating of shaft due to friction between waterproof seal and shaft

Hello can any one tell me is this going to be a big problem as my motor are not water proof I had use the shaft seal but when I run the motor the temperature of shaft increase rapidly I think it is because of the friction between the rubber seal and shaft do any one know I can use anything different then rubber seal ?? I have attached my picture with this

Thank you

If you run it under water, the shaft wil cool and prevent damage to the shaft or seal. Are you going to run the sss motor as direct drive?

Yes sir do I need to ad the gear drive

No it is not a big problem , any motor can run under water , but the shaft and bearing will rust and degrade quickly , and it is more the time it spends wet between uses ( you can use corrosion X ) , it is always better to have sealed and waterproof can , but i have never successed in my first build and the setup is still running …

In water motor will be « colder » , and in fact testing it by running it in air without any load applied will make it heat fast , it is normal

And for friction if you want (?) to put a seal between gear and motor , you can always add oil