Heatsink for esc

Someone in here told about a heatsink for the esc. It was 8cmxca. 16cm piece.
I can`t find the link. I only find 4cm wide.
Who can send me the correct link?

do you mean this one?


Yes. That’s great. By the way, the heatsink works great without a pump. Only the waterpressure is enough for cooling.
Thanks a lot :grinning:

Fora 75/300 VESC there is also this one:

I ended up using my battery box cover as a heat sink. Should absorb plenty of heat and the cover will be naturally cooled by water intermittently coming in contact with it. I feel that due to the large volume of the cover it should always maintain a cooler temperature than the ESC. I tried to test the setup today but when placing the motor and board into the water I was unable to receive any throttle response.

After assuming I had a leak somewhere and probably fried everything I picked the board out of the water and when trying the throttle it worked perfectly. THANK GOD!!! My receiver and transmitter are both the Nano X and have worked before. Strangest thing is that the motor would respond if i lifting the back end of the board out of the water roughly 8 inches, even with the foil and motor remaining submerged a foot or two. Once this is figured out I will have results on the effectiveness of the cover functioning as a heat sink

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Seems that your very nice box acts as a Faraday cage and cuts the radio signal between remote and receiver. An antenna extension might solve the issue :
Question about extending Maytech receiver antenna - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - FOIL.zone

I appreciate the link and will read more into it. But that would explain the sudden change in reception while maintaining all materials & hardware other than the box. Just seemed strange to go from excellent reception to absolutely no reception when introducing water. I guess water is an excellent insulator