Hello efoil forum

Hi everyone! Very interesting forum ;)…I’ve been racing in a solar boat team in 2016 and during last summer I got interested reading about e-foils. I have a background in electronic engineering and I’m currently living in Dublin, Ireland. People out there on the forum from Dublin and want to get started working on this project together? PM me and we’ll get started! Best regards, Nils

@SoEFoil: I am using a CrazyFoil (https://crazyfoil.com/product/crazy-foil-ex001/) for the my prototype. I’ve found some China Exported that can extrude aluminum Foil… this will be the step after :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks! I will invert my back wing!

Hiw does the crazyfoil work?

You buy the ex2 or 3?

As you can see on my picture, i have buy also one crazyfoil!

Salut Vincent,
Ma construction est bien moins avancée que la tienne, une fois fini il faudra rider ensemble…

Hi Vincent,
I will try the Ex1 first… but since the manufacturer is local, will probalby try to buy parts… my design is ready, but waiting on a couple of parts that I should revceived this week. Hio that I can try it a a couple of weeks…

What about you? PS. Where are you from?

Hello. I’m from switzerland! I have bux the ex 02 because of the liw lift speed! If all goes well I will buy the longer mast! Keep me in touch when you try it​:wink::crossed_fingers:

Hi all,

I am a mechanical engineering and mechatronics student from Hamburg, Germany.

Having learned to kitefoil about two years ago I got super excited watching the first videos of the jetfoiler.

Unfortunately, I haven’t finished building my own kitefoil yet, so starting with the propulsion part has to wait for that.

But if there is someone else from my area who is interested in joining up to build an Efoiler, please let me know!

Br, Lukas

Hi Vince, did you tryied it yet? When do you think your Prototype will be ready?
I should try to mine on next weekend… hope my last parts will arrive :slight_smile: I also have confidence in low speed lift and a better stability with easy ride for beginner :O)

Hi I am from Perth Western Australia.
Have been following Pacificmister for a while now and just found this treasure trove of info, Thankyou to all who contribute this information.
I have been into RC equip all my life and on the water, last toy was a seabob F7.
Wondering if my 1/5 scale power plant 2028 800kv motor and HV150 esc will be enough?
if so i am off to to find a 3d print shop capable and start. Can anyone advise a ballpark figure on having the components list printed by workshop manufacturer.

Non unfortunately not yet…I’m still waiting my kill switch from ebay!!!
Now I’m currently wireing my bms

Hello from the Netherlands.

Hey there efoil builders! Ever since i have seen videos of the efoil im very interested in riding one my self. I have been following some of the builders. Investing in crowdfunding. And i would like to be starting a rental business in the near future with these efoils and stuff. I have never been foiling but i want to try it. Is there anyone who has one ready and wants to sell it to me for a good price? I live in the netherlands. So someone in europe would be the best option i think. Hope to hear from someone.

Hi everybody,

I introduce myself. I like mechanics and electronic, and I race in Hydrofoil international competitions from some year.

I want to publicly thank pacificmeister for this initiative of information sharing and I am waiting to have some clear ideas to start my build. I am editor of Facebook.com/Hydrofoilnews and I hope you do not mind if I will post some of the interesting stuff I find here on the new page Facebook.com/efoilnews
Please look at it and put a like!

See you soon on the water.


Hi every body,
i m french (Lyon) ,already started efoil construction few month back.
your feed back and videos are really helpfull for me , thanks a lot,
hope to share soon first result of my propulsion.

see you soon

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hey all,

My name is Shaw, I’m an industrial designer working for a Stratospheric Industries, Inc. that makes X-Jets hydroflight gear, the jet ski connected hydroflight jetboards and jetpacks. Previous experience was building snowboard factories and designing the board composite structures and manufacturing technigues, etc. First like to express my appreciation to PacficMeister for organizing this board and his sharing and open sourcing of his efoil project. From my experience in various sports this attitude builds a more robust industry then a patenting, over protective mentality.

We have been working on the study of the efoil project for a little while now and are exploring developing a commercial product for 2018. We are based in Shanghai and have our own factory not far from the city where we build our hydroflight gear. We have built a full carbon board this year [ Scorpion ] and had great success with the design in competitions. Our specialization is in high end gear.

Additionally we are working with a Florida based company called Flytronics, and have redesigned and are building their jet ski remote control at our Shanghai factory. Full waterproof to 5-8 meters, trigger based remote controls with a range of 200 plus meters. Naturally we (and Flytronics) see the application of this radio handle to efoils! We do not own the IP for the handle, that is owned by Flytronics and we cannot discuss the exact details of the inner workings, however on the community sharing side, we are happy to contribute on the directions and strategies for waterproofing designs.

This is the molded Flytronics production remote that starts, stops, and remotely throttle controls 300HP motors and the riders hopefully infrequent full 20 meters height drops into the water.

We look forward to participating in this new community.


Hi form Bavaria,
I like all watersports and have tried to build a jet drive on and off for the last two years for a surfboard. I designed my pump with a 6374 200kv outrunner on a 48V Powersupply and a VESC 4.12 for monitoring. I tried various cooling methods but could only get about 11kg of static thrust.
I really like the forum here, especially because you have posted some performance data. I struggled to get numbers on the necessary power and thrust for surfing. As an mechatronics engineer I would really like to have a more systematic approach :slight_smile:

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Hello to all from Budva Montenegro. Thanks for excellent information on this forum. Happy building efoils to everyone!


Welcome, pozz from Cro :grinning:

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Bonjour Vincent, Je me suis dit que j’allais demander de l’aide en français pour avoir l’air moins bête… Comment fait-on pour “poster” sa présentation ici? Je ne trouve pas le bouton…