Hello efoil forum

salut. tu parles de créer un nouveau ropic ou de réponde à un topic existant

Les deux. Je n’arrive même pas à trouver comment me présenter dans le présent “topic”. En fait je crois que je viens de comprendre. Il faut répondre à un des “posts” précédents, c’est ça?

Hello everybody,

Introducing myself: a telecommunications engineer and avid kiteboarder, I’ve been interested in eFoils for a while, just got more time now… Never had the opportunity to deal with motors of any kind, although I am an E.E. (at least I think I am), so I am learning a lot from this great forum!

Currently starting a build with 100Kv Maytech 65162, homemade ESC (still cooking) PrusaMK3 printer and scavenged liquid force foil.

Trying to do it scientifically using tools to compute the thrust need, motor performance and JavaProp to design the propeller…

Ah, one last word: I am a woman! It’s not really relevant to the project, but I’m curious to see if there are others…

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I am Yasen Vakarelski.
From Sofia, Bulgaria.
I have recently joined this forum and thank you for the interesting ideas and comments.
This past summer, I tried efoil for the first time and was hooked.
I am determined to build one and am already working on it.
To my surprise, I found out that there is a production of efoils in Bulgaria. I contacted their representative but nothing good came of it. Logically, they make them to sell them for a lot of money.
So, lying down on my experience as a modeler (helicopters, airplanes) and windsurfers, I set to work.
I have already done a lot, but I still have a lot to do.
Optimistically, I will be riding my own rig this summer.
I will be very happy if someone from the region or countries close to Bulgaria also works in this direction and is willing to cooperate.

Welcome and good background !

Thanks for the welcome.

It was same with me bu one year earlier.

Thanks for understanding.
I am impressed with your designs. Many revolutionary ideas. Unfortunately for me, I saw them in the forum when I was significantly advanced with my project, but in another path.

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V2 will be even better.
If you post some images you can get many valuble comments here.
Especially if you ran into some trouble.
So many helpful people here :+1:

Thanks again. I definitely will.