Hello I am selling my efoil to finance a second construction

hello I sell my efoil to finance a second construction, it works very well, it is equipped with two TATTU 6S 16 A batteries, 500kv brushless motor with neugart reducer, I sell it for 1300 euro! I am in France in Normandy!


Hello I want to buy but im a new user and the system will not let me message you privately, can you message me? Thank you

What speeds can it get up to?

about 15 Kn, the front wing is very thick so it slows down the speed but the advantage at low speed the foil rises very quickly

Hi, I am interested, can you give me your mail, or mail me wodzinski.m@gmail.com

Hello, If You did not sell it yet . Let me know on my email arczikowalski@gmail.com . I would like to get some more details regarding specification of this build.

THANKS in advance