Help finding the connector for Lift foil battery

I am looking for the wires and connector that connect to a Lift efoil battery. I am trying to put together a charger that will maintain a storage charge. Does anyone know the make/model of what that connector is and where I can buy one? Thanks.

Wouldn’t that not work because Lift has a solenoid that blocks the outer connector from having a positive and negative signal? So how would you get around that?

That is something me and the other person that are working to crack this nut are trying to work out. He is a big skateboard guy and knows batteries well but he has not been exposed to the Lift battery. And I have heard the big “clunk” when the battery foil is turned on and when the the battery is being charged and figured there was an electrical contact in there. I also noticed there is no voltage across the terminals of the battery which hinted to me there was a cut off of the power to the terminals when the battery was not in use. So you might be right, we may not be able to get a charger to hold the battery at a storage charge.