Help identifying if this e-skateboard motor would work?

I found a “raptor 4.0 extreme electric skateboard” one of my neighbors were throwing out, pretty sure the lead acid batteries died. I figured I might eventually be able to use some of the parts or fix it up. So im wondering if this could be used for an efoil? The sticker on the motor is all ripped up but i can see that its 24volt, rated current 24.7A, output:450W, and rated speed 3550RPM?(the first number is hard to read)

Its got an esc, wireless remote, and motor. Ive also got an old hoverboad that I got for $50 that I could salvage for the lipos, plus ive got a 3d printer. I dont really skateboard so Id rather use it for this if it seems feasible. What do yall think?

450W is not going to be enough. I think your going to need at least some thing capable of 3000 W.

Dang, I dont know that much about motors other than a bit of drone and ebike stuff. Was hoping a motor that size with 3550 rpm would work.

U need enough torque to spin propeller u picked at certain rpm. Rpm by itself “isnt very important”. Silvio and few others use 40xx motor with gearbox, what i saw, they can fly with 1.2kW and start little under 2kW. Just for the reference. :slight_smile:

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