Help - latest recommended build?

Hey guys -
This site is great, but super saturated with information. Can anyone help point me to the latest recommended build? I read all of PacificMeister’s build but it appears that direct drive is the way to go now? (am i even wording that correctly…?)

I am wondering:
1 - which motor to buy and where to get it . It looks like this was a good option?

Cheaper motor, 63150,12S 100KV

2- which prop to buy or have 3D printed

3- which ESC controller / waterproof remote is recommended

4- which batteries to buy

I think I can take it from there. I am just drowning in all the information :)!

And I know there are many configurations and opinions… just need one and I can start customizing from there.

Any help greatly appreciated!!


yes you should go for direct drive. doing so and efoil kit impressively showed that they can fly with only 700Watt on direct drive…That means much more effieciency, so smaller battery, less weight, less cost!
And on their flying videos it runs so smooth and quiet, no cavitation like you see on Hover or waidoo…
I think thats the way to go, geared is old school:joy:.

that sounds great- but once again, I can’t get a motor from those guys (yet).

Motor-wise what should i get, and where do I buy it? The Reacher Tech motor?