Help Pairing HGL Tech 300A ESC with Motor and Remote/Receiver

Hi! Wondering if anyone here has worked with the HGL tech motor and ESCs? Specifically the 65162 motor, 300a walrus ESC and remote. (Purchased as a kit from the link below).
The instructions that it comes with are not very detailed. I cannot get the motor to spin up even after following the instructions for pairing.

If anyone has insight, or could walk me through, please let me know!

I really appreciate it. This is (one of) the last hurdle(s) for my build.

I am also not sure if this ESC has a BEC. It is not listed in the product details (below) but the receiver seemed to power up when plugged in.

is this just straight out of the box or have you pluged to vesc in to vesc tool??
i have some experience with fpv racing drones and you cant just fly those out of the box, you have to program then in beta flight or other drone programs

I have not tried any VESC programing…
Here are the instructions that came with it. I followed them (I think).

I plugged it in and did the pairing procedure for the receiver and the remote. Then tried to do this procedure to calibrate the throttle.

i have never used HGL. im am in the proses of shaping my board and ordering parts so i really don’t know.but i would look vesc tool programing on this forum and read that. i would just start from scrach on programing the vesc, you will have to do it anyway to get the motor polls right and the vesc voltage so might as well do it now.

To add, the Receiver was powered up, so there must be a BEC from the ESC, and the motor was beeping / ticking, which I thought was maybe turning very slowly?

Thanks for the advice! I will have to do some more reading.

I found this thread. Seems really helpful. I will follow up after I try it out this weekend.

Anny luck so far?

I’m curious cause maybe interested in using the same setup.


Does your ESC finally have a BEC? All the similar option are OPTO. Let me know if this setup doesn’t required a UBEC outside the ESC.