Help! Searching for STL file (or step,f3d) for folding prop maytech 6374 outrunner

Hi all,
thanks you for what you are doing and sharing, I’m planning to start soon a Foil Assist DIY project. I searched files 3d printable folding prop but (2x or 3x) but I can’t find one fitting my motor holes (Maytech 6374).
Maybe someone has one? Or can give me a suggest…

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, bit unless you are light, the maytech motor is not very good for an assist motor.

A lot of people seem to be successfully using the 6384 motor (without shaft), which appears to have similar propeller mounting hole placement, on 30 and 44mm diameters. Michobby folding prop seems to fit:
Despite extensive searching on multiple CAd sites, I couldn’t find a folding prop with 30mm diameter mount holes. The stl file folding outrunner prop “BaseV4.2” seems to to have mounting holes at 22mm diameter and this appears to do with fitting the blades into the 27mm blade mount slot and tapered hub design. Had a go at CAD with 63mm cylinder and 30mm mount holes, but I have a CAD skill deficit and the outcome was poor. I’m sure you smart CAD guys could a whip a 30mm mount hole folding prop for a 6384/6374 in a few minutes.

You are right, I will try and see. I was looking for a very light system (low power) to try some pumping sessions without a dock or a boat. I have a huge foil for pumping under my 90l wingboard. For what I saw using a 5m^2 wing, I can get on foil at a very low speed…

With a 90l board it might give you just enough to pump up with. If I remember correctly it got me to 8/9kph with the motor. But I needed 11kph to get on the foil.