Help to choose batteries

Hey guys,

So I’m building electric surfboard and I’m stuck at the point where I should buy or build batteries.
Since those are expensive as hell (especially when a lot needed) I don’t want to make a mistake by buying or building insufficient one.

I have BLDC 10kw, 48v, 200A current outrunner and 300A, 48v ESC. What batteries would be the best match for these specifications if I want for the example the board I’ll build to work for aprox. 35 min?

Looking forward for your recommendations.

It is hard to estimate how much ah you will need to get around 35min because it will depend on how much amps your set up will consume while flying. If someone used the same motor as you before, you should reach out and get more info on the amp consumption. Otherwise, for 35min ride time, you are probably looking at a 30,000mah (30ah) capacity. Lipos (more common, more dangerous but easy solution) could meet your requirements if you are willing to plug more in parallel (lipo batteries usually Max out at 6s and 22ah capacity). Therefore you could do 4*6s - 16ah lipo batteries (2 in series and 2 in parallel). Lithium ion cells are also a great option that allows you to customize your battery pack exactly like you want it to be. By plugging cells in series and in parallels, you can obtain precisely what you want in terms of voltage and capacity. I personally went for lithium ion cells because it allows me to customize my battery pack and it is also a safer more durable option if done correctly. Lithium ion cells needs to be assembled into a battery pack and will most likely cost more than lipos!


When you build an electric surfboard you need more than 30ah, 60ah wood be good for 35min. i have a Lampuga Air with 50ah and get 27min run time…

Best Regards Florian

Sorry for my bad englisch…

If you meant an electric surfboard (without a foil) then you will indeed need a bigger back than what I mentioned. I assumed you meant a electric hydrofoil.

Thank you for your answers, it really helped me. I’m building electric surfboard, not hydrofoil

Can you post some pics of your build? :slight_smile:

Didn’t build anything yet, only buying main parts for the motor at the moment.