Help to get on the water ASAP

I’m located in beautiful Colorado and trying to get my first build together before things get cooler. I’ve got two builds going and a third planned but I need a little help to get the first one completed. The one I need help with is using the following setup:

  1. My own design, 100% wooden board. I’ll share pics and design info when complete. I also have a Ronix wakesurf board I have converted to a foil to use for testing and learning to ride behind my boat.
  2. 2019 Naish surf foil on a 2020 Naish mast
  3. Maytech 65162 motor
  4. Jezza 3D printed prop
  5. Flipsky 200A, 60V ESC
  6. 12S, 12P Lipo batt setup that I will replace with a homebuild samsung 12S, 12P setup
  7. Maytech “waterproof” remote

What I need to hopefully be on the water next week is 3 STL files. I am slowly learning to operate in fusion 360 but I don’t want to delay this project any longer so I am asking…no… begging if anyone can help a brother out? I need files for a mast clamp (front and rear) that would fit the Maytech motor. If it fits the newer large Naish mast even better, but I can modify it if necessary. I also need a prop guard that will fit the Maytech motor. I would prefer to have a prop guard that is approximately 150mm. There is an STL file for a large prop guard but I would like to minimize drag if possible while still having as safe a setup as possible. Plus, my relatively small printer was having problems printing that file.
It already took a long time to get all the stuff from China. I read this site every day and have at least 20 threads bookmarked with STL files but I’ve printed several things that either have had very poor print quality or clearly was not designed for the Maytech motor. Thanks for any help you can give me. I’ll share everything I have once I have a working build. I also planned to do a Pacificmeister build, (I have all the parts but need to modify the STL files for the Naish mast) and will try a third build to see If I can make an impeller setup.
BTW…this is an incredible community. I’m amazed at the diversity of knowledge. I’m a Captain for a major US airline and spent a lot of time in the Air Force doing operational test and evaluation so I’m as excited about logging all my data and testing new configurations, as I am to ride. I live on a lake so I should be riding every day once I get something built. Thanks again!

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Hey @HighAltitude, where are you located at? I’m in Loveland.

Here is a duct that I printed that works pretty well. Fr 2019 motor system - #541 by michion - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) -

If your local you have the one I printed because I have been going ductless (using the other model on there).

Hopefully soon we will have a whole crew of efoils in CO!

I’m in Larkspur on a little private lake we using for waterskiing and wakesurfing (and soon efoiling!) Thanks for the offer for the duct. I will try and print one and see if that works.

Look forward to getting together with local foilers once I have something that works! -Marc

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I would skip the duct this round. Lots of people saying the duct creates drag and even evidence that a duct will cause more body harm if your limbs get inside a duct they can’t get out vs a prop which would hopefully knock your limb back and not mutilate. Jury is out but I wouldn’t worry about it for round 1.

Oh and glad you like the website! That’s why we created it! Maybe I’ll see you guys on the slopes this year!!!