HELP vesc 6.6 repair. Capacitor solder pad missing

My dual vesc 6.6 had a capacitor blow, during attempted repair I ripped the solder pad off of one of the connections… is there any where else i can make the connection? I will attach a picture.

I assume that all the capacitors are in parallel, and also directly connected to the + and - (red/black) supply leads. Check by multimeter and connect the capacitor accordingly.

What JcvZ is saying can be true, on some of the Vesc’s some indeed just have them straight over de supply the 4.12 vesc, for example, had them on the incoming wire. I have seen that newer vesc’s have them per individual MOSFET bank. So to be on the save side I would do the following
What I see on the picture is that there is still some copper left. I would just carefully scratch the silkscreen of and solder on that. If that fails the worst-case scenario you have to run a wire to the other side.

If you don’t feel comfortable with running a wire. Just make some really clear pictures of both sides of the PCB and I might be able to tell where.

Greetings Kwinty

Hello, flipsky responded to me and said refer to this picture. What I gather is that they are saying to solder directly to the power supply leads. Also I scratched some of the paint and exposed copper in the area. I will provide a picture. Could I use the exposed copper area as the + post?

Whoops Here is the one flipsky sent to me.

All your caps look like they are melting…

That would be the easiest solution. Make sure you buy the right cap. :slight_smile: