Help with batteries in USA

Hi group!

Please I’m looking electrician or electric company that can help me in my project.

My name it’s Paul…Hope you can help me with this issue. I’m trying to build a new brand of efoils and my bigger issue it’s batteries. I have a deal with a brand and I will be part of the company.

They are a great company but the problem they are having it’s that due to COVID the customer service it can be a problem in the us. We are not selling till we don’t have this issue set… I think that customer service it’s the most important thing in a brand.

Normally if a efoil has a battery problem (basically it’s the only problem that can have) you sent battery to factory and they fix or replace the battery. Problem that this days this it’s basically impossible… shipment it’s extremely expensive and getting battery back to Hong Kong it’s impossible.

What I would like it’s to have a us electrician or electric company that can be able to make our customer service.

We can provide of the spair parts but they should work for us in repairing, checking and providing customer service.

This it’s our battery

18650 13s 48v
Lithium-ion samsung
Nominal capacity:
48 Ah
Nominal voltage:

Would someone be able to help me advising who can or to whom I contact and help me with this please

Hope you read and help me!


I would contact - They are canadian, but have really taken their battery packs to another level, IMO. At a minimum, I suspect that they can refer you to the designer of their packs, who supposedly designed the batteries for Zero motorcycles.

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