Help with Flipsky 65161 75200 and VX3

Curious about what your adapter plate looks like and what mast/wing combo you have??

Important Notice for DIY efoil players:
Be careful about Copied/Faked version motors 65161 by Flipsky on the DIY market

Also Quanly, chinese name 东莞市腾飞动力技术有限公司, is the orginal manufacturer of waterproof electric motor of 65161, 65120,6590,70165,85165, and many RC model motors since 2008.

Flipsky:, chinese name: 翻天科技有限公司

After months of investigation, evidence collection and testimonies, Hobiba here declare officially that we Hobiba already cancel and terminate business cooperation with Flipsky, and no longer supply Flipsky any motor manufacturing service and logo printing service, because of breach of contract that Flipsky and his designated factory (anonymous) illegally copy and imitate Hobiba’s motor products without Hobiba’s consent and notice since late 2022, Motor models involved are 65161, 65120, 70165, 85165, etc, Any similar models supplied by Flipsky thereafter are subject to copied/faked version prone to potential quality and safety concerns, and are serious threat, challenge and shame to Real 65161(Originally made by Hobiba) which people have trusted with in the past years.

Hobiba condemn such crimes of disrupting market order, will take necessary measures and action against such abominable behaviours and protect DIY players’ interests at our best, at the same time, will reserve the legal right against such copies and fakes.

The last mass order shipment Flipsky bought 65161 from Hobiba was in June, 2022, total 465Units * 140kv / no logo print / Keyway Shaft, we have to disclose evidence as attached photo for public awareness.

Mr WANG,from Hobiba /Quanly

Hi Guys,

Important notice:

We hobiba are taking measures against copy and faked 65161/65120/70165/85165 from Flipsky on the market, and there will be no flipsky version of 65161 available on the DIY market from now on.

Considering the new requests by some DIY clients of flipsky version 65161, we hobiba here make the last efforts to make some extra bulk / replacements detailed as below:

  1. D65L161-A-100KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  2. D65L161-A-120KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  3. D65L161-C-100KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  4. D65L161-C-120KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  5. D65L121-A-130KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  6. D65L121-A-130KV, screw shaft, 1.3m cable: 10 Units
  7. D70L165-10P 120KV, Splined shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  8. D70L165-10P 120KV, Scew shaft,1.3m cable: 10 Units
  9. D85L165CWP-125KV, with encoder/hall sensor: 10 Units

Anyone who are in need of these flipsky version models, please write me at
Definition of flipsky version

We assume the flipsky version as the last shipment we produced before Jun 2022.
Any version after Jun 2022, probably are faked / copied version, which we hobiba take not responsibility to offer any replacement.

Above for users attention of Flipsky version 65161 /65120 /70165/85165

Hobiba on Nov 13,2023

thanks…this post is very informative…i just got the 75100 and VX3 remote also…

CruiseControl?!..please tell me how to turn it on!? i know what NOT to do…and if i ever do…how to turn it OFF!..

How to video from the Flipsky product psge

HoooooleeeeeCrap!..thankyouuuuuuu!.. is there so much I didn’t know !..

they got reverse switching …and speed mode… and cruise control on the sucker …

I didn’t know you could do that from the remote itself… I was doing it through the vesc tool… I wonderd what the hell is going on when the direction of the motor switched on me out of the blue for no reason …I figured it was something I screwed up in the setup so I just put on different directions props …but turns out I probably switched it to reverse Direction through the remote when I was screwing around with the buttons…

Probably saved me about 4 hours of swearing and frustration …awesome thanks!

Im having trouble getting the cruise to turn on… What worked for you? Any tricks I’m missing?

At 4:50 in the video it describes how to do it.

Get foiling at the speed you want and while you hold that throttle position press and hold the brake button for 3 sec. Cruise comes on. Press any button to turn off.

Caution - I consider cruise in efoil a sketchy practice. Fall off when cruise is on and who knows where the board and still spinning prop end up. Makes more sense if you are on an electric skateboard.