HGLTECH HI200 75V 200A ESC Base On Vesc With Water Cooling Enclosure For E-Foil

HGLTECH HI200 75V High Current 200A ESC Base On Vesc With Water Cooling Enclosure For E-Foil

  • Voltage:14-75V( safe for 3-16S)
  • Continuous Current : 200A
  • Max Current :300A
  • Supported sensors: ABI, HALL, AS5047,AS5048A
  • EPRM:150000


Get yours here:https://www.gd-hgl.com/products/hgltech-hi200-75v-high-current-200a-esc-base-on-vesc-with-water-cooling-enclosure-for-e-foil

It’s “sold out” and even not mentioned the price :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You probably shouldn’t have brought the connectors out the top. How will anyone close their hatches now?

the price is updated now

The ESC can be rotated by 90 degrees. That side is only 52mm high under a 80+mm high hatch. A 30mm radius is OK to me. The wires can be horizontal if the water in-outlets are pointing upwards.

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One advantage could be the power cables are not competing for space with the cooling tubes ?

Come down below the 300 mark and bring the powercBles out on the horizontal and you’ll be onto a big winner!

it seems so,yet it needs to be proven.

could you pls expain your suggestion a bit,thanks

The point is to make it a bit cheaper than 300 USD and make the cables run horizontally.

The last time a committee designed a race horse a camel was born.

We can make it $319 and one extra vx2 remote to be shipped if you order via this link,HGLTECH 200A

Have anyone tried vx2 remote for efoil?
I only tested it once, and it was a terrible experience.

How can you say it is for efoil when it is not waterprotected at all and add it to a vesc specially made for efoil/water?

Probably better and More fait to lower the price 30-40 dollar instead.

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we just add the remote for extra free gift,you can use it for esk8.About the discount,we are having flash sale promotion ,pls stay tuned on https://www.gd-hgl.com/

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HGLTECH 2.4Ghz PPM YK01 remote control

Does this one have a “joystick” with poti or hall sensor on the stick?

yes,its joystick is with piti

Would you have some pictures of this test session ?

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Why is their customer service better than any other company did you have an issue?

Or did you work in their customer service? :joy:

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Looks like HGLTech might be taking their promotion on this forum a bit too far! That person joined 5 hours ago and has 3min of read time…


If HGL-TECH is advertising with multiple accounts and trying to give out fake reviwes, i wouldnt be very surprised

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