hi guys i'm new in the group ...

hi guys i’m new in the group … and i’m also building an efoil … i have to thank you for the autocad projects you shared in the group … sorry for english i’m translating from italian to english with google translate

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Nicely done. Anymore photos?

yes … now I publish others

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hello Baduele which part of Italy are you from?

Great build!!! Very jealous!!!

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hi gianni… Cagliari… and you?

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Your Technic inside looking like a Ferrari :heart_eyes:

Since many hours i am searching for the cleanest solution to build a nice arangement like you.
I like it very much how you did it!!!

PS, i somtimes make holidays next to Cagliari :wink:

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I am from the province of Prato … friend you made a fantastic table … I envy you … last year and maybe this year I was in Porto Pino … how about exchanging phone numbers I would like to call you I send you my email … carpini.gianni@gmail.com

Yes, it looks optical very nice.
But you should take less connectors that is possible :wink:

I’d bet you’re either electrician or working in IT datacenters field :wink: Clean and nicely done !

Very nice work and excellent shape and construction on your board design too!