HI100L 75V 100A ESC Based on VESC 75300


Voltage: 75V maximum (recommended within 16S)

Current: 80A continuous, maximum 100A


1, Based on the design of vesc75300 hardware principle

  1. Using 6 mosfet IRF7759L
  2. Independent gate drive
  3. Independent power supply
  4. Independent current sampling
  5. Active filter circuit makes current sampling more accurate

7, rich onboard interface

8, independent two-way adc

9, support VESC TOOL official 75300 firmware

  1. Four-layer board design of size 68x68mm, the circuit is reasonable and stable Size: 72 x72x21mm (Including heat sink)

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Would you indicate the dimensions of this HI100 square version ?
Will there be a sqare layout version for your HI200 as well ?
Do you have an ongoing project for a more waterproof casing for your HI100 / HI200 75300 ESCs like a potted version ?

You do not have any 200a version with built in bluetooth like The vesc 75/300 so it is possible to use the uart for The maytech remote and still log data and configure through mobile Phone

waterproof casing are being developed.


There are TX and RX in the interface, which can be used for Bluetooth.

Yes, but you Will need to have a splitter to be able to connect Both bluetooth module and remote receiver.

No you won’t, they plug into different connectors if you look at the connector diagram.

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Hmmm… I am not following you totaly now.
Do you reffering to The PPM signal for throttle?
I meant The cable you connect to The uart to get rpm/ volt etc on The remote.
If I would like to connect to get that information i assume i would need a splitter to have Both bluetooth module and get that information to my maytech 2005 remote?

To be honest it’s not really worth sending RPM data etc to the remote. So I wouldn’t bother with that.
You don’t need the uart connected for the voltage so that will still work.