Hisun Alibaba E Foil Repair- Maytech V2 Upgrade

Bought a Hisun Efoil from AliBaba and now I am trying to pair it with a Maytech V2 with zero information or wiring diagrams.

The ESC is sealed an epoxy so I have no idea what’s in there. Does anyone have any information on this?

What ESC could I buy as a replacement that would work with my Maytech V2 controller?

I have seen other posts of people trying to replace controllers for this board so hopefully this thread can be the end-all to that discussion once I figure it out.

Any help or any information much appreciated!

So far I have managed to get power to the receiver and the controller paired. There is a magnetic safety feature on the ESC. Normally I would get a beep or light from the ESC box when it is engaged but right now I get nothing.

Since I do not have any information on what is inside of the black box I think my next course of action is to also replace the ESC. Any feedback or information would be very helpful!

Typically the ESC will need 3+2+3/4 wires:
3 x Motor out
2 x Battery in
3 Wires control: Standard PPM: +5V, Ground, PPM
4 Wires control: Serial: +5V, Ground, TX, RX (Typically for a Bluetooth controller).

Not sure If the Maytech works with Serial, it sure does with PPM.
I think the Maytech 1905/2005 use serial only for transfer of VESC data, not for the control signal.

There might be more signals for transfer of data, but those will (probably) not be needed for pure control.

The controller it came with was definitely not Bluetooth so maybe the Maytech could work with my set up? The more research I do the more it seems I need a new speed controller that is compatible with the Maytech.

What made you buying this junk from China? Or did you plan to remodel it with solid DIY components?

I wonder what motor they use? It looks like an outrunner that has been covered with a thick casing.

I was the only board I could afford at the time. It worked ok for a while but now I plan on upgrading to VESC

I am not sure that is my whole problem. Without knowing what I have it is impossible to fix.

well you might use Trampa VESC, they work really good, however not cheap… :sweat_smile:

Hi there!

I also bought this same Hisun efoil and I’m finding it’s extremely underpowered and I want to try and get more torque/power by replacing the tech as needed.

What did you finally end up going with? What is plug and play without a bunch or modification to the hull?

Your help is appreciated.


Just won this efoil china model on an auction.
But without the mast + motor.
Agree. Nearly impossible to understand what the components is behind all that epoxy.

So from your owners of this board. It is underpowered?

Do you also have this weird looking remote?
Only 3 buttons, nothing else.

Congratulations to it… Hope it was cheap so you can swap it to a real efoil… throw this remote away and buy one from Maytech or similar :sweat_smile: