Home made 3d printed tuttle box

Im making tuttle box for may homemade efoil.
Box is 3d printed but im planing to pour epoxy inside for strenght.
Is thare any cheaper soultion from epoxy, that i can pour inside?

You could add some micro balloons or chopped CFK to increase strenght and safe some epoxy and weight.

Im thinkhing about that actualy.
But wanted to ask is thare any cheaper stuff i can pour in.
It is almost 2kg of epoxy that i need to pour in.
Well i gues i will go with chopped CF.

2kg is a lot, not only cost wise but also a lot of weight. Maybe you can design it in a way you need less.

Add some foam. Straight epoxy, without silica, microballoons, or flox will be too brittle and heavy. Poured PU expandable foam would work well, assuming you have some CF reinforcement.

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Iā€™d use a polyester pour instead. So much cheaper than epoxy. Add some chopped glass fibre to it for strength. Hollow out behind the tuttle wall to lower needed material.

The print is not optimal. Make a proper mold instead of this as the 3d print material will create weak points/lines.