How can I have 12V and 5,5V?

Hi guys,
i have a question. I have a SBEC that can make 5,5.5,6,7 or 9 Volts.
My receiver works with 5V so, I have my SBEC with 5V selected. I ordered a computer cooling system for the ESC with a 12V water pump. How can i have those 12V? Do I need another BEC?

PS: My batteries are S6

You could run a step up converter from 5v to 12v into the water pump. Just as easy to install another SBEC. Just make sure it has a 12v option. Lots of people run two SBEC for similar reasons.

if you have a schema for your cooling , i am interested because it is necessary to put a vase of expension and how did you fill it ?

We recently got one of these:

It can take a wide range of input voltage and convert it to 5V and 12V. It also has some protection against stupid mistakes :slight_smile:

Super expensive (320 000h/36years lifetime) probably possible to find some cheap alternative on aliexpress or similar.

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Hi Phlilippe,
those are the items i ordered from Aliexpress:

The Water container is too big… i should have ordered a smaller one like this:

1 Like At 3:28 you can see how I solved this problem with a step down converter. Also known as buck converter.

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