How do I sell my lift 3 efoils?

I have 3 used lift 3 boards (4’9, 5’4, 5’9) as well as 6 full range batteries (3 used, 3 still in original box) that I’m looking to sell. They’re registered in the state of michigan but I am now residing in Florida. I will no longer be living in America after October so I’m looking to get rid of them ASAP. How do I pass on ownership? How do I help whoever I sell them to register them in their state? I’m also uncomfortable shipping such expensive things online and am aware of the danger of shipping lithium ion batteries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to sell them under market value, I just have to get rid of them and hope it isn’t too much of a hassle.

You can try facebook efoil, lift, foil groups. I see many ppl selling them thare.

On Facebook you will be contacted by a million scammers! I bought a Lift board from there and the amount of random scammers was just ridiculous. However I waded through them and found a legitimate board and bought it.
Depending on your prices, the items could sell fast or slow. Maybe someone here will even be interested in them if the price is right. Add some pics if you can and the prices and see what happens here…

Alternatively contact a Lift affiliate and see if they can pass sell them on.

Where you are going to?

where in FL are you located?