How do you add friction to the deck? (Anti-Slip)

I am close to painting my board and I am wondering what I should do for friction. At the moment its just glossy Epoxy. What do you use? Since I will be wearing shoes For safety, I might as well add sand to the top layer right? What do you use?

Why not just use EVA padding? abrasive stuff is just going to cut up your wetsuit, pdf, knees, and anything else that might contact the board short of your shoes…

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i think this could be what you’re looking for
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SUP deck pads offer great traction and are super comfy and soft on the feet just make sure you get it with genuine 3m adesive not the China stuff that is a cheap paper based adesive backing that peals off easy.


For the kite foil boards we make
we just do a peel ply finish
gives plenty go grip but is not aggressive on the skin

Keeps the weight down

Google for:

Dr Zogs original sex wax The best stuff for your board!

You can use a two part board grip lacquer like they do it on wind- and kitesurfboard and add a SUP traction-pad.

Thanks. I already got the anti-slip texture technique nailed though. I did a climbing volume 2 years ago with perfect texture.

Recently I found this “Van der Waal Surf Grip” on There’s also a review on

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i just received mines… board’s not ready yet, i should install them in a week or 2… test in the water in around a month…

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Another solution, the Wax Mat grip, available in rectangles (cut to size) or bands. Could be cut in hexagones like the Van der Waal grip or google wax mat.