How far do you charge/discharge you batteries?

My battery is 12s10p of Molicel P42A elements (4200mAh). It suppose to get 42Ah. But when i charge it with ISDT Q8 it takes only 30 Ah (from 3.4v to 4.15v). Is it normal or I can charge it higher to 4.2v?

That’s normal. You get 4,2 Ah/ cell if you go from 2,5-4,2v

Thanks. I read some ware that charging to 4.10 -4.15 will almost double the number of charging cycles compare to spec. Tried to discharge below 3.4 but around 3.2-3.1v had only enough power to drug me to the shore.

I use a pack with the same cells. If I charge it to 4.2V per cell and discharge it to 2.91V (voltage under load), I get 1250Wh of a 12S8P pack, or 13Wh per cell. According to the specs you can charge it to 4.2V. It is correct, that you get more cycles if you charge it to 4.1 or 4.15V, but even if you charge to 4.2V, you get above 80% of the capacity after 500 cycles.


I will try to charge to 4.2 tonight and see how many aH i will get additionally.

Which controller are you using ? Esc or vesc ?

FSESC 200A60V.
Charge from 4.15 to 4.20 added 4Ah(10%)