How i connect my batteries?

Hello i just received my new Batteries i got 4x
and i would like to know what connector/adapter i need to get 16s power. thank you.

What type of charger do you have? Be careful. Make sure to balance charge!

Not sure I understand your question. There a lots of different connectors you can use.

Are you using a

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i dont have a charger yet
but i found an image on internet but i dont know which adapter /* connector i need for this

i found this cable :S

My last message got cut off. Sorry. Are you planning to use a BMS?

Sounds like this might be all new information for you? These batteries are very dangerous and a thorough knowledge of the basics is needed before DIYing a battery. Read up on Lithium ion batteries, balance charging, BMSs, parallel V.S. series connections.

Be careful. Don’t burn the house down!


I totally agree with you.
Never just connect them in serie without a BMS or telling us how to be safe with the alignment of the voltage levels of each cell…
LiPo can burn really well

As far as I know, the most important with lipos, is it too stay stay safe above 3V for each cell, when discharging and to balance charge with an appropriate charger with built in BMS. Personally I use Lipo low voltage alarms set to 3,3V, so I know when to stop for and paddle into shore.

so i need 1 monitor alarm like that for each batterie to be safe ?
and bms what is that xD ? sorry about that but yea im very new … with that … that why i have so many questions

Okay i asked to a guy (owned of a RC shop) he tell me that: ->
lithium-ion batteries are also dangerous, like lithium polymer. I have a voltage checker that you threw to me. If you use them carefully, nothing will happen. Bms is not needed. Your speed controller has a built-in battery shutdown function. Unfortunately, there are a lot of nuances, you need to study this, I can’t convey to you as well as videos on YouTube. Look about it.

im confused

Better you start reading and learning here and on other places about all necessary themes to build an efoil.
It will be neet a long time ( some month )
When you finished ( you never stop learning ) i think you are ready to start to build your efoil :wink:


Right. Only questions…
For example, Google type in BMS LiPo et voila you find a lot of stuff to read.

And all this assuming there is not problem with a brand new product , which is not the case , sometimes brand new can go work the first time you use it …

You need to get familiar with IR : internal resistance with lipo , most charger gives you this info , need to compare the value of each battery to get a good idea , the higher the worst …

As for alarm voltage , best to use on each battery because you will see that the first one will not be same as the last one , at the end of the discharge

As I said : lipo will burn for sure ( mine did …my fault but it was the pack that has a one cell with a higher IR since beginning )
18650 are a lot safer if you choose right

The adaptater in the link is correct , you will need 3 : one for 2 battery x 2 and the third one to connect the other two

Your battery 5A is given for 60c : 5x60= 300A but the connecteur (xp90) will probably melt way before , start to get hot at 90A