How to choose a fuse to protect the battery

I want to add 80A fuse on my 13S / 10P homemade battery, but I don’t know what to take, there are 12v or 24v car fuses but can it work on 54v?

80A is probably too small. I had a 150A fuse but it burnt several times when I tried to get on the board in choppy water (peak current was around 70-90A but this was enough to heat up the fuse and it finally burnt through). I‘m going to change it to 200A.
Fuse holder:
It is quite compact, there are other fuses but they are larger in size. Max available Midito is 200A. Try to find at least one for 48V better higher.


The fuse is an emergency, last resort device. You want a high amp fuse. I use these 200a fuses and I have never blown one. :crossed_fingers: