How to connect a dual fsesc flipsky 75200 to a single 65161 motor

Hi everybody,

I’m novice in the field of electronics and I don’t know how to connect my 65161 motor who has only 3 cables with my fsesc who has 6 :sweat_smile:

If anyone could help me to answer at this question it will be great !


hi, the vesc has 6 cables and the motor has 3. you solder 2 vesc cables to 1 motor cable and same for the battery, its so they can use smaller cables like 8 awg and pass the some amount of current through

Exactly. There are actually only 3 outputs from your ESC. Flipsky decided to double up on the cables. The cables that are close together, are actually electrically connected together on the ESC PCB.

Ok Thanks a lot for your answers, I will try with 3 cables !