How to connect a dual fsesc flipsky 75200 to a single 65161 motor

Hi everybody,

I’m novice in the field of electronics and I don’t know how to connect my 65161 motor who has only 3 cables with my fsesc who has 6 :sweat_smile:

If anyone could help me to answer at this question it will be great !


hi, the vesc has 6 cables and the motor has 3. you solder 2 vesc cables to 1 motor cable and same for the battery, its so they can use smaller cables like 8 awg and pass the some amount of current through

Exactly. There are actually only 3 outputs from your ESC. Flipsky decided to double up on the cables. The cables that are close together, are actually electrically connected together on the ESC PCB.

Ok Thanks a lot for your answers, I will try with 3 cables !

I am getting ready to connect the 6 cables on my VESC to the 3 on my motor. Before I start cutting wires, I thought I would ask some advice on how best to make the connection. The wires are all 8 gauge and the tips of the 6 coming off the VESC look nice and cleanly tinned already. I’d like to put bullet connectors between the VESC and the motor. Does this sound like the right approach:

Solder each pair of wires coming from the VESC together onto one 8 gauge wire, then attach a bullet connector to that single wire and on the end of the corresponding motor wire.

If so, to solder the pair of wires together, I should cut off the tinned ends and try to mesh the strands together, correct? From what I have read, that is the best way to make a good connection.

The tinned nubs on the ESC cables look so clean and easy to insert into a bullet connector. I figured I would check that this is a good plan before cutting them off.

Any advice?

Interested to hear from others since I will be receiving the same vesc + motor combo shortly.

Also, what happens if you use just 3 of 6 and cap off one of each pair? Same current but through less wire which generates more heat? Noob here.

Crimping them works well for me.

You also have the MOLEX MX-KE connectors that can be used and avoid big soldering:

As an update, I broke down and just tried soldering the connect. The thickness and length of the wires I was working with made it very difficult to get enough heat to the point where the solder was meant to melt. I am ordering some crimp connectors and am going to try that. The connections I was getting with the solder were pretty bad.