How to connect Flipsky electronics

Dear friends,

I received some parts from Flipsky, but I cann’t start up electronics, because I don’t understand how to wire up ESC with receiver.


opened ESC to see sealing:

Do you know what this contacts for and why they are not sealed? Water can short it:

This is how i connect and try to run with 12V power source:

I don’t know why but receiver don’t blink with LED, so I’m thinking either I burn it out already or it need additional power supply 5V.

I would really appreciate if you can give me wiring diagram for this.

Thank you!!!

Interesting remote. Have you opened it up to check the quality of the waterproofing?

Have you asked Flipsky for the wiring diagram? I’m sure it is available as a download.

You motor shaft looks like it doesn’t have threads cut for the nut. Or is it drilled and tapped internally like the Lift/FR motor?

Please send pictures of motor shaft showing the end.


I didn’t open remote yet, but Flipsky said to me that it is not waterproof and they will develop another one. So I decided to order this and put condom on top to make it waterproof )))

I asked, but they gave just scheme, not the diagram and it is from this page: So I thought maybe someone had experience with this.

No, shaft doesn’t have thread, but they send me with aluminium prop (same as Maytech) so there is just pin. If needed I will cut the thread. Pictures will be tomorrow )) it is in garage ))

The VX2 is only VESC compatible, it works via UART. It wont work on generic ESC with PPM/PWM.

Here is the wiring:

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Maybe you are right, but I think my receiver a bit modified because it has another connector. When ordering I specifically mentioned that all parts has to be compatible and Flipsky said that they checked that it works before shipment. So I don’t know, but I’m thinking that this 300A ESC probably OPTO ESC and I need UBEC in order to power up receiver with additional battery.

I think @Vicdes2 has similar issue here: Flipsky VX1 remote receiver connection - #8 by Vicdes2 - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - But I don’t understand how he solved problem

You got pictures?
I only know the normal one (like on their website) which only has one 4Pin connector for UART.

Well the VX1 has a separate PPM/PWM port (got an additional Signal pin).

Here are pictures of receiver:

And pictures of motor shaft for @Flightjunkie

Did you order that specific motor shaft or is that what was sent to you?

When I made the order I asked for prop to be sent with the motor, I didn’t know that it will be like that. So it is better to mention what do you need. But INHO it is not an issue due to the fact you can also cut the thread if required.

Cutting a thread in the shaft is a PITA. The threaded shaft is much better as even the 3D printed props outperform the props they are offering with those motors!

Looks like the VX1 Receiver.
Well feeding 5V with 12V might have killed it.
Usually it should work to just plug it in
Receiver - other end
5V - 5V (any source, even powerbank is fine)
GND - GND (if using separate it must be connected to ESC GND)
Signal - ESC Signal

Just saw the ESC has no BEC. So the Receiver should be working when just pluged into power (5V and GND). But to have the ESC also working, it also needs 5V and GND at Signal input.

So you need:
Receiver - BEC -ESC
5V - 5V -5V
Signal - / - Signal

I haven’t connected to 12V directly. Just using this connector from ESC. The only thing I may did wrong it is plugged connector to receiver wrong side. Or I still think UBEC has to be used or separate 5V power supply. I will check again with Flipsky

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So I used to have this receiver and my ESC didn’t have a built in BEC either. To solve this problem, I connect a 5v power source to the little bit of pin sticking out from the bottom of the receiver. Once that’s done, the receiver should start flashing. Then, you only need to connect your 3pin from the ESC and it should work fine. From the looks of it, the 3pin wire attached to your ESC does not provide power to the receiver hence why you need to power it through the underside of the pins with a 5v source.

Thanks for explanation. So I think the problem was that my power supply which is 12V was not enough. So I connected receiver to separate 5V power source and it worked just fine. I think 12V is not enough to even start ESC, because it was only 4.6 or a bit less in receiver line. I will try to find more power to startup whole system all together.

Dear @Vicdes2, I got reply from FLIPSKY. And now they said me that I have to use UBEC due to the fact this ESC is OPTO. So I think I will go with ZTW 14S UBEC that I will connect to the battery as well as ESC. So now I just trying to understand how I should connect ESC to receiver and what that 3 wires means from ESC. and how should i connect them? )))

For those who face same problem I found proper wiring if needed. So Flipsky 300A ESC is OPTO ESC that require UBEC for receiver. I think best solution for UBEC would be ZTE 14S UBEC that cost about 40$ and you can connect it to the same battery.
Bellow pictures of wire connection:

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hello guys, I have an Alien 300A ESC, identical to FLIER 300A ESC, would the REMOTE FLIPSKY VX2 PRO work with the ESC? and if so which version VESC4 or VESC6

i mean this

@mihelangel this remote is for vesc type esc and it will not work with standard esc ppm signal apparently
the receiver has to be modified with extra solder wires so you can directly order it, need to ask them

Hi, Nurbul has a simple ESC from Flipsky

I just want to know which version of the remote control he ordered