How to connect these bullet Flipsky connectors to esc?


So I’m trying to connect the motor to my motor controller but I got these shiny bullet like connectors that I don’t get how to attach to the esc cables… Should these really be crimped? Doesn’t really look like it… There’s really not much to connect to.

I bet you know :slight_smile:


Solder. Need good fluxcore solder and biggish soldering iron.

Wow … That holds? I’m really surprised

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You can try searching YouTube for “how to solder xt90” or “qs8”. Those connectors have similar bullet connectors just held together in a plastic housing. I’m sure you can find someone demonstrating how to do it.
On the motor cables you have the other end, you could cut back the heat shrink and take a look (assuming you put some back on afterwards).
On my motor I just cut off the motor side connectors and crimped it together

Same way the pre-installed bullets are on the motor.

Yeah. I managed to use a ton of heat … But is this correct

It’s the 300A that has two cables for each. But they are 8AWG and the motor has 12awg so I should connect these together as one right? I guess having two is if you have two motors but they “fire” pulses at the same time right?

Or am I making a huge mistake putting both A cables to the motor at the same motor plug? The motor is the 18650 20kw motor so it can handle a ton of current.

Using the vice like in your photo will sink too much heat and you will struggle to get it hot enough.

The best way I have found is to drill a hole in some wood to hold the bullet connectors in place. The wood will insulate the connector and allow it to get hot enough for the solder to flow.

Heat the connector and push the cable in vertically and continue heating until the solder flows.

It’s tricky though, especially with a plastic connector like a QS8 where you can melt the plastic if you take too long.