How to control two motors with one remote

Hi all,

how can be achieved to control 2 motors with one remote?

The motors should work simultaneously, so it isn’t necessary to contol them separately. One channel is enough. I’m using a maytech remote.

What is the usual way?

  • Is it possible to connect a second ESC to the receiver? (I own the receiver corresponding to the maytech controller, but I can’t see the possibility in the doc)
  • Or is it possible to pair two receivers with one remote (with my maytech gear and I didn’t succeed till now)
  • Or is the only way to buy a ESC with double output? (don’t like this possibility)

Thx for your advice

You can buy cable to join the signals of two esc to one recever

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If you use two vescs you can connect them over the can bus and run them in master/slave mode, see here: Connect two VESC via CAN Bus – LP Electronic
Remote receiver will be connected to the master vesc.

No, I dön’t have a vesc.

So the y-cable was the solution I was looking for

Many thx for the advices!