How to fly in a plane with a e-foil

How to fly in a plane with a e-foil


  • Leave battery behind
  • Put efoil in bag, take to airport, load onto plane
  • Hire a battery at destination

If there is no company to hire a battery from at the destination, then leave efoil at home and figure out a new sport to do at the destination…

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If there is one thing that surprises me a lot and I am extremely grateful, it is the speed with which you have answered my question.

I asked the question because my e-foil is not commercial, I have made it myself. And since I know that there are problems transporting lithium batteries on flights,

I was simply curious, in any case, I really appreciate you answering my question. And if you could answer the other it would be even better.

Tanks for your time
Ocultar el

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Might be able to ship the battery, but probably wouldn’t be cheap.

In the US I’ll usually just drive because in top of the efoil, got the kiting and winging gear, and the rest of the family’s stuff!

If you’re going to travel with it alot you could buy a bunch of sub 100 wh lipo batteries and put them all together after your flight :man_shrugging:


I own and we have to ship the batteries when we travel. only DHL ships lithium batteries by cargo plane in the USA. I have had a few friends say they walk right through security with batteries though. although our batteries only cost $1300 compared to other brands… still not worth the chance they might get confiscated.