How to log data?

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This is the first post of many as I’ve got 2 builds going on right now, and have 2 others to post on in the past to get your inputs on… I’m all in on this Efoiling board building but when it comes to info on data logging I’m coming up short.

Does anyone know what hardware and software I need to log data when I’m in the water?

Current build: 5’ x 5" Fiberglass board ~20lbs with electronics installed - battery. Flipsky FSESC 75200 watercooled controller. Flipsky 65161 120KV, VX3 Controller. 50V system.

Get vesctool for your phone and a bluetooth on your 75200. In vesctool there is a logging function.

I’m not crazy about the idea of trying to foil with my phone on me. Is there any way that can I log internally, and export the data and postprocess once out of the water?

Vesc express or voyage Systems Minnie. Minnie is not cheap but very user friendly.

There is no native “create log” feature in the Flipsky 75200 water cooled VESC so you require some other device to create the log.

I put an older IPhone inside a waterproof bag and put that inside the hatch of my Fliteboard so fairly safe from damage. Vesc tools creates a csv file with a lot of data and the IPhone supplies gps data so the log has a path travelled. Review the data on a PC running Vesc tools, sort data in Excel or I think some people use a web service where you can upload the data to and review that way.

There are of course a number of alternative approaches you can research by using the search feature of the forum. will process vesc log files for free. Upload the file and then you get an email after about 10min to view the ride data. You can see some sample logs on the website. It’s a bit simple, for instance you can’t adjust which part of the data set to see averages from. Also the link seems to expire after a day or two, so you need to resend a file if you want to look at it again.

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Hi ValinMorgunis,
I put my old iPhone 12 Mini in my swimwear pocket, additionally tie it to my swimwear cord, and it records data from VESC via the Bluetooth module.
I recommend. It is very convenient. You can also change VESC settings from your phone while on the water.


Hi all!

Thank you so much for the different options! Honestly until I researched it I didnt know the iphone 12 was IP68 rated. I have the bluetooth module and will try that first, plus i like the idea of tuning on the water. Be a lot better than having my laptop out there with me.

Thanks again!