How to Set Foil Tracks in Foam Blank?

Can anyone recommend a resource - written, video, anything - that explains how to set foil tracks in a foam blank?

Draw center line along blank. Put a layer of plastic between the tracks and mast mount then Bolt the tracks to the base of the mast mount put in the foam line up with center line and clamp it down, unbolt from mast and sand flat.

Or router out the hole in the blank fill with hd foam,let it cure then sand to same level as the board blank then router out the holes for the tracks and glass them in same as a surf board.

this is the one I have followed

I don’t have experience with glassing in fin boxes, so the first method seems more intuitive. I would think it may be a better bond to tracks as well, since there is only one bond and not the extra glass bond.

Thanks for the explanation!

I am using this video as a guide as well, but it doesn’t show how to set tracks into the pour foam, basically says to use futures fin boxes and glass them in.

At about 6m10s:

for that, search youtube for longboard fin box installation. I found this guy’s surfboard building series are excellent

Basically router it out, glue in with a mix of epoxy and profil, some people seat it in a small piece of fibreclass cloth too. Then glass over it and cut/router out the slot.

Thank you for the recommendation. Hopefully won’t need that method, but will take a look.

I may be misunderstanding you then…this is how installing a fin box is done, whether a surf board or foil board.

I’m hoping to use the first method described here. I think what’s being described is setting of tracks in pour foam at time of pour, so tracks will be set when pour foam cures. So, there is no need to follow up with routing and glassing in the tracks.

First thought was “no way that is going to work”. But thinking about it, I think it could. Weight on top of mast so it doesn’t let foam lift it. And gaps for excess foam to escape. Send photo/video when you do it

Thanks for weighing in!

Yep this is correct.

The Brown is also HD foam i cut into the blank, the fin boxes are set in with HD pouring foam
(yellow color) but you can just fill the hole you cut with HD pour foam and not use the brown blocks as i did. it will be the same. Fill it bit by bit so it doesn’t melt your blank.

See 3:20 in vid

Nice vid and workshop!